Guide to purchasing the best pillow top mattress

What is pillow-top mattress all about?

The pillow top mattress basically is considered to be an item that offers a high level of comfort to the user. Generally, it is 2” – 4” thick and created from soft density.

Improves sleep quality

Using the best pillow top mattress is sure to enhance overall sleep quality. This is best suited for those who have a fuller figure and on the thin side. This mattress can be the right choice for various reasons. The type of material with which the product is created does make a huge difference to the sleep quality. It is quite natural for inferior quality products to sink in its middle portion or has left in-depth body impressions behind after some time on getting out from a bed. Cheap chemical mattresses are prone to break down easily and quickly. In case, you desire softer sleep, then it will be useful to buy pillow top crated from genuine, good quality, natural latex.

Best of 5 Pillow Top Mattress for Quick Purchase:

Product Name Classic Brands Individually Wrapped Coils Innerspring Pillow Top 10-Inch Mattress for Added Comfort and Support, Queen Signature Sleep 13 inch Pillow-Top Independently Encased Coil Mattress for Added Comfort, Full Oliver Smith – Organic Cotton – 12 Inch – Deluxe Sleep – Plush Euro Pillow Top – Cool Memory Foam & Pocket Spring Mattress – Green Foam Certified – Twin Zinus Ultima Comfort 10 Inch Pillow Top Spring Mattress, Full Dreamfoam Bedding Ultimate Dreams Crazy Quilt Pillow Top Mattress, Cal King
Product Dimensions 80 x 60 x 10 inches 54 x 75 x 13 inches 75 x 38 x 12 inches 75 x 54 x 10 inches 84 x 72 x 11 inches
Item Weight 60 pounds 80 pounds 30 pounds 71.5 pounds 71.1 pounds
Size Queen Full Twin Full California King
Manufacturer Classic Brands Dorel Home Furnishings Superior Importers Company Zinus, Inc Brooklyn Bedding LLC dba R&S Mattress
Our Rating 8.9 9.1 9.0 8.5 8.0

Why the best-rated pillow top mattress use natural latex?

Natural latex is known to hold its shape as well as is durable when compared to a synthetic foam mattress. Due to its superior quality, it is not required to turn over the latex mattress. You just need to rotate the mattress from toe to head every now and then for deriving greater comfort and nothing more! Make sure that the core is at least 7” thick to provide proper durability and support. Also be careful when choosing a layered bed. Select the one that perfectly suits your preferred firmness level.

There is available plenty of mattress in the market that comes with 2” top layer. This is because they are devoid of a solid core as the foundation that is crucial for providing better body support. If all layers are soft in its design, then it can dip easily in the middle portion. Therefore, a solid support is to be given to the whole core layers and should be thick enough. Moreover, its top layer needs to be the softest and base layers either medium firm or firm. 

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Top 10 Best Rated Pillow Top Mattress Reviews

1. Signature Sleep 13 inch Pillow-Top Independently Encased Coil Mattress for Added Comfort, Queen

best pillow top mattress

Signature Sleep is one of the leading brands in the domain that has managed to earn a reputation for providing its customers with a wide range of mattresses to suit all budgets. The 13” pillow top independent encased coil queen sized mattress is their latest introduction in the market.


  1. Moisture is absorbed by rayon present in the mattress and dries quickly. It also allows your body to breathe.
  2. The cover fabric of this soft mattress is created from durable mattress materials to offer restful sleep.


  • It is available in queen, king, and full sizes.
  • The coil count is 630
  • The independently encased coils are 10” and offer equal weight distribution through contouring to the body curves to profile relief from restlessness and pressure points.
  • It is free from TCEP, TDCPP, PBDEs flame retardants, uses low VOC CertiPUR certified foam, does not have heavy or lead metals. Formaldehyde, mercury and ozone depleters.
  • This is a 13” size mattress. Also are available multiple size options to choose from.
  • This item weighs approximately 93.5 pounds
  • Its dimension is 60” x 80” x 13”

Overall, a wonderful product just perfect for your home or to be gifted to your beloved one!

2. Classic Brands Individually Wrapped Coils Innerspring Pillow Top 10-Inch Mattress for Added Comfort and Support, Queen

best pillow top mattress

This queen sized pillow top mattress from Classic Brand does offer great support and comfort to the body and allows good night, relaxed sleep. Its design is sure to compel you to buy one for your home, without any second thought.


  1. It is available in queen, twin, twin XL, full, king and California king sizes.
  2. It is constructed using individual wrapped tempered-steel coils to provide ultimate support to your body.
  3. The quilted knit pillow top cover is beautifully detailed to be eye-catching and has 1” soft comfort foam to offer you with great comfort.  
  4. The premium comfort foam layers do offer a buffer to ensure you do not feel its coils at any time. The wrapped coil innerspring coils tend to move independently, reduces movement sensation, so as to offer ultimate support and comfort.
  5. Offers medium firm feel


  • Five stars, 7 days /week customer service offered.
  • It weighs just 60 pounds and is lightweight.
  • Its dimension is 80” x 60” x 10”

This product is very much affordable on the pocket and sure to impress you and help you to have good sleep at any time.

3. Mattress America Frost 13 Inch Hybrid Pocket Coil Pillow Top Mattress Gel Infused Memory Foam (Queen)

best pillow top mattress

The hybrid pocket coil pillow top mattress comes with superior design and construction using gel infused memory foam materials to make the mattress super soft and super comfortable to sleep at all times.


  1. This product is termed to be extremely soft, thick, durable and comes with a cover which breaths well and offers you with peace of mind and good rest.
  2. It comes with an excellent design and foundation to support your body.
  3. It is CertiPUR certified to assure healthy, eco-friendly sleep.


  • It is available in both 13” & 13” hybrid memory foam type.
  • It is found in king and queen sizes.
  • The warranty offered on this product by the manufacturer is 25 years!
  • The pocket coil core is of 10” and offers you the necessary support and not sink into the mattress.
  • This product weighs about 90 pounds.
  • Its dimension is 80” x 13” x 60”

This product is termed to be among the best selling ones from this brand as it offers its users with a memory foam mattress, however, with that top feel! With a fabulous construction and lifetime warranty, you can simply forget all your sleeping woes and have great sleep.

4. Oliver Smith – Organic Cotton – 12 Inch – Deluxe Sleep – Plush Euro Pillow Top – Cool Memory Foam & Pocket Spring Mattress – Green Foam Certified – Queen

best pillow top mattress

This organic cotton based pillow mattress top from the leading brand, Smith & Oliver is undoubtedly the best purchase this season. With plenty of positive reviews to its credit, you are sure to enjoy using this cool memory foam and pocket spring, queen-sized mattress.


  1. It makes use of one hundred percent natural organic cover. You can also enjoy the ventilated cooling memory foam that goes into its construction.
  2. It is slated to make use of the highest rated non-toxic foam.
  3. The Euro pillow top does offer added softness and provides with comfortable plush feel, which is quite ideal for those suffering from back pain.


  • It is available in king, full and queen sizes.
  • It has been fitted with independent carefully pocketed 15 gauge pocket coils.
  • 100% green-foam certified
  • This product weighs just 35 pounds!
  • Its dimension is 80” x 60” x 12”

If you are looking for superior quality pillow top mattress from a reputed brand at affordable rates and to enjoy great sleep at nights, then this is the one to buy. It comes half the price of those bigger branded mattress sold in the market.

5. Zinus Ultima Comfort 10 Inch Pillow Top Spring Mattress, Queen

best pillow top mattress

Zinus is a well-known brand that is known to come up with different types of mattress products to the growing demands and needs of its customers. The Ultima comfort pillow top spring, queen-sized mattress is the latest addition to their otherwise huge list of products available.


  1. The iCoil pocketed springs and comfort foam offers customized, firm support to provide relief to your body.
  2. Using superior foam quality, this product is CertiPUR-US certified.
  3. Is known for greater performance, content, and durability.


  • This product is available in queen, king, short queen, full and twin sizes.
  • When size is concerned, you can find it in 10”, 12”, 8” & 13”to choose from to fit your specific requirements.
  • The iCoil system comprises of 100s of independent coils to eliminate virtually all motion transfers.
  • Comes with manufacturer offered a ten-year limited warranty.
  • This product weighs approx. 87 pounds.
  • The dimension of this mattress is 80” x 60” x 10”

The independent iCoils used in it offers customized support and minimizes motion transfer to ensure uninterrupted sleep. Moreover, the pillow top has been created using 1”: pressure relieving comfort foam layer.

6. Serta Perfect Sleeper Elite Firm Super Pillow Top 700 Innerspring Mattress, Queen

best rated pillow top mattress

The elite perfect sleeper super pillow innerspring queen-sized mattress made from durable quality materials is indeed the right selection for your bed and to have good sleep. This mattress does a lot of good for your overall health and offers you with peace of mind and immense satisfaction at night.


  1. This pillow top mattress has been designed to provide a solution to five commonly experienced sleep problems like turning & tossing, balanced sleep temperature, alignment, and back support, sagging and partner movement.
  2. It is firm
  3. Is constructed with cool twist gel-memory foam.
  4. It is fitted with individual wrapped coil innerspring.


  • This is a queen sized pillow top mattress also available in other sizes like California King, King, full, twin XL and twin sizes.
  • It is 700 pillowtop/firm type. Also is available a wide range of styles to choose from.
  • The queen size measures 80” x 60” x 13.75”
  • It weights approx. 72 pounds.

This fabulous pillow top mattress is said to be designed for those who would like to have luxury sleep within their budget. It does come with plenty of interesting and useful features.

7. LIFE Home Pillow Top Harmony Sleep 8-Inch Pocket Spring Luxury Mattress Green Foam Certified, Queen

best rated pillow top mattress

The pillow top mattress from LIFE Home is considered to be the very best that has been launched by this brand until date. It is considered to be green foam certified, queen sized mattress that is worth the investment and try. They also make excellent gifts to someone known.


  1. There is provided quality polyester and foam layering in between coils and covers to offer the users with optimum comfort.
  2. The plush pillow top combined with that comfort firm offers great sleeping experience.
  3. It is stated to be ideal for those who have back issues and want a good mattress to support their back.
  4. It is quite affordable for a product that comes from a reputed brand using superior quality materials in its construction.


  • It is available in twin, queen, king and full sizes.
  • It is fitted with independent pocketed 15 gauge pocket coils.
  • It is 100% green foam certified.
  • It weighs just 35 pounds.
  • Its dimension is 1” x 1” x 1”

This luxury mattress is considered to be eye-catching and sure to win your hearts. Sleeping on this luxury mattress will make you feel like a king and enjoy that heavenly feeling.

8. Dreamfoam Bedding Ultimate Dreams Crazy Quilt Pillow Top Mattress, Queen

best rated pillow top mattress

Coming from the house of Dreamfoam Bedding, this is stated to be the ultimate dream full crazy quilt pillow top mattress that is sure to live up to your expectations.


  1. It is neither too soft medium nor firm in feel.
  2. The pillow top feel is sure to allow body contour. Great support is offered by the Tri-zone foam core.
  3. The Tri-Zone foam core eliminates or reduces motion transfers that take place between sleeping partners.
  4. All foams used are CertiPUR-US qualified and sure to meet very high-quality standards.


  • It is available in short queen and full sizes.
  • This pillow top mattress is 11” thick.
  • It is made entirely in the USA and hence, can be trusted for quality and comfortable feel.
  • This product weighs just 40 pounds and is lightweight, but constructed to be durable and long-lasting.
  • Its dimension is 74” x 54” x 11”

This bed according to its manufacturers is sure to be found cozy and comfortable and can fit easily any guestroom, RV or in the form of night mattress to be used by adults. All components used in this product are entirely from the USA.

9. Textrade USA Inner Spring Pillow Top Mattress in A Box, Queen

pillow top mattress reviews

If you are looking for a well constructed, durable and good quality innerspring pillow top mattress, then this product from Textrade USA is sure to be the perfect choice for your bedroom. Having enjoyed numerous positive reviews from its existing users, you can leave behind all your worries and move ahead with your purchase.


  1. This product is actually mattress in a box.
  2. The pillow top design is of innerspring and is better used along with any centrally supported frame or platform bed frame.
  3. It comes with Damask quilted fabric covers.


  • It is available in king, queen, full and twin sizes.
  • It is fitted with 15 gauge 1000 tempered steel coils to offer minimum motion disturbance as well as body support. You can find border wire used around the perimeter.
  • The pillow top is of plush 3” thick, with 20 Denier foam layers.
  • This item weighs approximately 82 pounds.
  • Its dimension is 80” x 60” x 11”

The manufacturers have kept in mind the needs of people when designing this mattress, to offer a comfortable night sleep. Sophisticated innerspring coil technology is used in this mattress to provide firm and soft support to your body.

10. WOLF Slumber Express Pillow Top Back Aid 10-Inch Innerspring Mattress, Full, Bed in a Box, Made in the USA

pillow top mattress reviewsIf peace of mind, luxury, style, and comfort are what you desire in the mattress at your home, then it is the product from WOLF that should be your selection. According to its manufacturers, this mattress is likely to provide immense support to your back.


  1. This product is a bed in a box.
  2. It is made entirely in the USA including the materials used in its construction.
  3. There is offered heavy sta-rite cotton inner quilt.
  4. It is created with elegant looking stretch knit fabric combined with pillow top quality to offer extra conforming comfort.


  • It is available in queen, full and twin sizes.
  • It is fitted with 288 superior quality coil unit.
  • It comes with 1 inch firm foam padding to provide additional comfort.
  • This product weighs 89 pounds.
  • Its dimension is 80” x 60” x 10”

If you are worried due to lack of sleep and suffering constantly from back pain, then this innerspring mattress can do the trick. You are sure to feel extremely comfortably lying on it. This company is credited with being into this mattress business for more than 135 years. They are also not known to compromise on the quality aspect.


Buying new pillow top mattress can prove to be a costly investment. But going online and logging onto the reputed shopping portals like Amazon can help you to enjoy huge discounts. This way, you do not have to lose on the quality of materials or designs and still enjoy reduced rates. You can also get to view the interesting designs, sizes and the different brands that are easily available through this portal. Firstly, narrow down the selection by filtering out with your preferred choices and then compare the selected items. Accordingly choose the one that fits your needs, preferences and the budget.

Just ensure that the new pillow top mattress is able to meet your different comfort levels. This way, you do not have to wake up repeatedly in the middle of the night and suffer from sleep deprivation during the daytime. The right selection will prove to be more than beneficial and help you to enjoy good quality sleep at all times. At the same time, your body will also feel fully relaxed and strong enough to take on the challenges of life. Moreover, with their durable construction, you can enjoy using them for a very long time not having to replace with a new one, thus saving precious time and money.

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