Guide to purchasing the best foundation for memory foam mattress

These days, people have better access to information and can make good use of the web to find out different types of products to purchase for their home. People are eager to derive optimum comfort and satisfaction that their money can fetch. Portals like Amazon have made it possible for such people to shop for their favorite items and accessories from the comfort of their home, office or even on the move!

About memory foam mattress foundation

One such item that is increasing in demand is the foundation bed frame for memory foam mattress. Using this accessory is likely to help move and set up the bed easily and effortlessly. Being designed to be strong and durable, it is good enough to support sufficient amount of weight. It is also built to handle mattress and body of any size. Although strong, it is lightweight, easy to be carried anywhere and can be folded quickly to be kept in a corner when not in use. Also, it does not require any tool to assemble. This means that the entire set-up of the foundation frame can be completed within 10 minutes!

Best of 3 Foundations for Memory Foam Mattress for Quick Purchase:

Product Name Zinus 9 Inch High Profile Smart Box Spring/Mattress Foundation/Strong Steel structure/Easy assembly required, Queen DynastyMattress King Bed 8″ Thick Wood Box Foundation for memory foam, latex, and air mattresses Classic Brands Instant Foundation High Profile 8-Inch Box-Spring Replacement, Queen
Product Dimensions 59.5 x 79 x 9 inches 80 x 76 x 8 inches 79 x 59.5 x 8 inches
Item Weight 40.8 pounds 66 pounds 54 pounds
Size Queen King Queen
Manufacturer Zinus DynastyMattress Classic Brands
Our Rating 8.7 8.2 8.8


The foundation bed-frame is known to combine the concept of bed frame and foundation into a single product. Thus, it provides the sturdy base to any type of mattress that is to be placed on a firm flat surface. It generally comes with forelegs on both the frame ends, four in the middle and twelve in total, thereby assuring even, solid support for accommodating the mattress. The surface is created from heavy gauge wire in grid pattern standing tall off the ground similar to other bed frame, foundation sets or box spring.

Amazon is the right place to choose the best foundation for memory foam mattress at an affordable price.

Top 10 Best Memory Foam Mattress Foundations Reviews

1. Classic Brands Instant Foundation High Profile 8-Inch Box-Spring Replacement, King

best foundation for memory foam mattress

This product from the reputed company Classic Brands is enjoying favorable reviews from others who are currently using it. Priced reasonably this box spring replacement is a real hit and does serve the purpose for which it is meant.


  1. It is available in King, California King, Twin, Twin XL, Full and Queen Size
  2. It is easily and quickly assembled and is undoubtedly an affordable solution to offer perfect support to all types of mattresses
  3. The sturdy and strong foundation does support heavy mattresses including latex and memory foam as well as enhances the longevity of the mattress by avoiding sagging
  4. It is noise free, durable and does support all types of mattresses
  5. It is handmade entirely in the USA from solid spruce
  6. It can be shifted to any room and fits easily through narrow stairwells and tight hallways
  7. It offers an excellent foundation for your otherwise dreary sleep system
  8. Drawstring cover can be removed easily and coordinates perfectly with almost every type of mattress


  • This product weighs approx. 54 pounds
  • Its dimension is 79” x75.5” x8”

Overall, this is a wonderful product that is well worth the investment and an excellent gift for the beloved one.

2. DynastyMattress King Bed 8″ Thick Wood Box Foundation for memory foam, latex, and air mattresses


best foundation for memory foam mattress

This product is considered to be among the best sold in the market and is meant for almost every type of mattress available in the market. It is strongly recommended by its manufacturer for latex, gel and memory foam mattress.


  1. It is available in king, queen, California king and full size
  2. It is much stronger when compared to those pre-assembled folding box spring foundation
  3. Can be assembled and disassembled easily within 10 minutes and can be moved into smaller areas effortlessly
  4. Comes with cover
  5. It meets fire retardant (FR) standards for providing enhanced safety to all users
  6. Made entirely in the UA and from solid spruce sanded smooth wood of superior quality


  • It weighs 66 pounds
  • Its dimension is 80” x 76” x 8”
  • Warranty offered on this particular product is 20 years!

This product is more considered to be sturdier and stronger when compared to pre-assembled folding box spring foundation. Being made from solid spruce, it is durable and will be enjoyed by the user. You can simply leave behind all your worries and enjoy using this product for a lifetime, without having to bear additional costs.

3. Lifetime sleep products Box Spring Great for Memory Foam Mattress, King

best foundation for memory foam mattress

Priced reasonably, this box spring from Lifetime Sleep is currently a huge hit among shoppers. Its design and looks are quite appealing and sure to win the hearts of the buyers. The manufacturer has ensured that it is sturdy and designed to last for a lifetime.


  1. It is available in various sizes like the king, queen, full and twin x-large size
  2. It comes included with cover and free shipping from the manufacturer!
  3. It is quick to be assembled and can be done not requiring all those professional tools and equipment
  4. This box spring is just fabulous to be used for latex and memory foam mattress
  5. It is designed to fit narrow stairwells and hallways comfortably and easily
  6. The mattress foundation has been designed to be extra strong to enable holding heavy mattresses


  • It comes with a lifetime warranty with 50.00 value included for free!
  • The product weighs around 69.8 pounds.
  • Its dimension is about 80” x 76” x 8”.

This box spring from Lifetime is considered to be the perfect solution to fit narrow hallways, tight stairwells, condos, apartments, etc. It is also a wonderful purchase for those seeking extra strong and durable wood foundation.

4. Classic Brands Instant Foundation Low Profile 4-Inch Box-Spring Replacement, King

best foundation for memory foam mattress

This instant foundation box spring replacement is designed by the reputed manufacturer ‘Classic Brands’. The manufacturer has not left any stone unturned to ensure creating a real masterpiece that not only appears appealing but also is durable and trendy.


  1. Well designed and reasonably priced
  2. Available in different sizes like the king, California king, queen, full XL, full, Twin XL and Twin sizes
  3. It can be assembled effortlessly and offers perfect support to today’s high-quality mattresses
  4. This foundation has been built to be sturdy and strong to support heavy mattress along with latex beds and memory foam
  5. It prevents sagging and increases the durability of the mattress
  6. It is noise free, durable and provides easy access to those facing difficulty to get onto the higher bed
  7. This product is handcrafted from solid, superior quality spruce entirely in the USA


  • Five-star customer service offered, 24/7
  • It comes with a three-year manufacturer worry-free warranty
  • It weighs about 52.8 pounds
  • Its dimension is 79” x75.5” x 4”

It is easy to be assembled and can be unpacked and set up in minutes, without requiring any professional assistance or expertise.

5. Simple Life Fully Assembled Mattress Box Foundation, King

best foundation for memory foam mattressThis fully assembled mattress box foundation from Simple Life has been in huge demand from shoppers’ right from the time of its launch in the market. This is because of its beauty, design and durable aspect. Made from superior quality materials, this product is priced a bit high than its competitors. But it can be termed to be a one-time investment.


  1. This product is available in various sizes like the king, full, twin, queen and California king sizes
  2. It uses heavy-duty tubular steel for its construction to offer optimum edge firmness without side sway, thereby providing noise-free support and long-lasting durability
  3. It can be moved easily to downstairs or upstairs as well as around tight corners and fit perfectly
  4. To assemble this product, no professional tools or equipment or expertise is necessary


  • It weighs about 70 pounds.
  • Its dimension is 80” x 76” x 8”

This folding foundation is designed to support the expensive mattress and to ensure that it does not sag at any point in time. It is indeed a valuable purchase and comes with a unique design which allows folding it flat. This way, it can be carried to anywhere.

6. Signature Sleep Premium Ultra Steel Foundation Mattresses, King

best mattress foundation for memory foam

This beautifully and ergonomically designed ultra steel king size foundation mattress from Signature Sleep is really affordable on the pocket and great to sleep at any time when tired. It is sure to offer cozy sleep and is quite strong and durable, good enough to support heavy weight.


  1. It is priced quite reasonably
  2. It comes in several sizes like the twin, queen, king, and full sizes
  3. It is easier to be assembled
  4. It is a standard sized box spring
  5. The metal construction does offer greater durability and excellent support
  6. It also includes Jacquard cover
  7. Independently-encased coils provide optimal support, eliminates motion disturbance among partners
  8. It accommodates easily any type of bed frame and standard sized mattress
  9. The foams are CertiPUR-US tested and assure meeting specific criteria to offer quality physical performance, environmental stewardship, and indoor emissions


  • It weighs around 49.7 pounds.
  • Its dimension is 41.5” x 38.2”x 6.3”

This product comes from a brand that is synonymous with a commitment towards supplying quality products that comes with years of experience and innovation. The product is designed to meet user specifications and is sure to satisfy everyone’s needs.

7. Zinus 14 Inch MyEuro SmartBase, Wooden Slat, Mattress Foundation, Platform Bed Frame, Box Spring Replacement, Queen

best mattress foundation for memory foamThis wooden slat mattress foundation platform bed frame is a great surprise from Zinus, one of the leading manufacturers in the industry. Buying products from this manufacturer, you do not have to worry about anything as the product has been well designed to be sturdy and durable.


  1. It is priced quite reasonably
  2. It comes in various sizes like the king, queen, full and twin sizes
  3. The complete mattress support system does replace both box spring and frame
  4. It can be assembled effortlessly in minutes without using any professional tool but is not compatible with any head bard bracket
  5. There are in total 14 wooden slats, 7 foldable legs, and center support bar to offer greater stability and strength
  6. The steel frame is added with foam padded tape to make the product noise free when used


  • The frame is provided with a clearance of 12.5” to make full use of the room and to store items under the bed
  • It weighs around 43 pounds
  • Its dimension is about 60”x 80” x 14”

This is termed to be a next-generation bed frame designed to offer the user with optimum comfort and convenience when using it.

8. eLuxurySupply Platform Bed Frame – Made in the USA w/100% North American Pine Wood – Solid Mattress Foundation w/Pressed Pine Slats – Tool-Free Assembly – Queen

best mattress foundation for memory foam

This product from eLuxury Supply does live up to the manufacturer’s name and the expectorations of its customers. Made from superior quality materials, it does offer the user with luxurious feel and satisfaction and hence, is worth the purchase and to be gifted to the beloved one.


  1. This product is made entirely in the USA
  2. It is created from top quality American pine wood
  3. It is available in queen, California king, king, full, twin XL and twin sizes
  4. It is also present in three exciting colors like walnut, gray barn wood, and almond
  5. All the pieces can be assembled effortlessly within three minutes time
  6. Box spring not required


  • This bed frame has seven layers pressed pine wooden slats
  • It comes with 6.5” ground clearance
  • Can support about 900 pounds
  • It weighs around 28 pounds
  • Its dimension is 82” x 15.6” x 6”

Although a bit expensive on the pocket, it is durable and well designed to enhance the beauty of the room where it is placed. Therefore, it is a great investment and sure to make the owner happy, satisfied and extremely proud and be appreciated by every visitor and guest.

9. Best Price Mattress 8″ Memory Foam Mattress and 14″ Premium Steel Bed Frame/Foundation Set, King

best mattress foundation for memory foam

It will be worth the investment to purchase this memory foam mattress and premium steel bed frame/foundation set of queen size. It has been designed to offer the users with great support and years of comfort. Moreover, the comforting mattress is temperature sensitive to adjust to the body temperature.


  1. It is available in 6”, 8”, 10”, 12” and premium 12” styles
  2. One can choose among queen, king, full and twin size
  3. There are present relieving pressure points to enable deeper sleep
  4. The completed mattress support systems do replace the old frame and box spring
  5. The memory foam is CertiPUR-US certified


  • The mattress layer is of 2” that is infused with charcoal, 4” high-density base foam, 2” ventilated cool foam (pressure relief system)
  • It comes with 14” high storage space
  • It weighs about 85 pounds
  • Its dimension is 80” x 60” x22”

The mattress is good enough to allow the user to mold him/her to the desired shape and get a good night sleep. This product makes use of 100% steel for its construction and hence offers optimum durability and support and can be used for a lifetime without any worry or hassle.

10. Zinus 4 Inch Low Profile Wood Box Spring/Mattress Foundation, Queen

best mattress foundation for memory foamThis product is another innovation from lead-in manufacturer Zinus. Known for its superior construction and using good quality materials as well as reasonably priced, this is indeed the best bet for the home.


  1. It comes in queen, full, king and twin sizes
  2. This wood mattress is sturdy and strong and sufficient enough to support heavyweight
  3. It can be assembled within minutes without requiring any professional expertise or knowledge
  4. There is added foam padded tape to the steel frame to make it noise free when used
  5. There is provided a manufacturer five-year limited warranty on the product to enable being used without any worry of expenses during this tenure


  • It is available in 8” & 4”
  • It weighs just 44 pounds and being lightweight can be carried along to any place effortlessly
  • Its dimension is 79.5” x 59.5” x4”

This product from Zinus is considered to be an innovative one that has been designed to provide maximum comfort, satisfaction as well as ease of use. Unlike traditional box springs, this product can be easily and effortlessly maneuvered through the home, through doorways and upstairs. Hence, it does make a fabulous option to choose.


There are present different types of foundation for memory foam mattress. Hence, it will be useful to know the different brands and products in details, so as to make the right selection. The product chosen should be durable and set up within minutes without requiring any tool. In order to enjoy using the memory foam mattress and to have a good night sleep, it is important to select the very best foundation. They are available in various designs, colors, and materials. Hence, doing some research will help to make the right selection.

This foundation bed frame is also designed to fit perfectly inside the traditional wooden bed frame. Also, it can be bought with optional foot and headboard attachments. At the same time, it can be used as the freestanding unit and covered with a bed skirt. The traditional bed ruffles and bed skirts are found to fit perfectly on the foundation frame similar to other foundation or box spring.

Being lightweight, quick and easy to be set up, moving this item is just a snap and requires very less effort. However, the best feature offered by this product is the accessibility to clean it combined with added storage space. thus, it can be termed to be a real delight to be used at the home and also comes with an admirably sleek design.

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