Guide to purchasing the best mattress for adjustable beds

It could be that the present mattress is not giving you a good sleep and making you feel tired on waking up. If so, then it is high time for you to change the mattress and use the best mattress for adjustable beds. This is undoubtedly crucial to get good sleep and you can enjoy better health and comfort. However, selecting the best mattress at times can be difficult. There are other considerations to be made like it needs to be durable and flexible apart from being supportive and comfortable.

Adjustable bed mattress choices

The mattresses that are made available for the adjustable beds comprise of the standard range, namely spring and foam beds. However, the highest rated among them is the memory foam and latex occupying the close second, with innerspring gaining distant 4th or 5th ranking.

Why is memory foam considered to be the best one for adjustable beds?

The best adjustable mattress is one that is designed to withstand the rigors associated with the adjustable bases and is durable and flexible. With the cellular structure having the capability to bend, so as to fit the frame contours and sufficiently resilient to withstand continuous compressions. Besides this, such bed types do offer support, irrespective of position. But springs, on the other hand, are designed keeping in mind horizontal sleep.

Best of 3 Adjustable Mattress for Quick Purchase:

Product Name 12-Inch Twin XL Deluxe Memory Foam Mattress for Adjustable Bed Base LUCID 12 Inch Twin XL Latex Hybrid Mattress – Memory Foam – Responsive Latex Layer – Premium Steel Coils – Medium Firm Feel – Temperature Neutral Classic Brands Cool Gel Ventilated Gel Memory Foam 10.5-Inch Mattress, Full
Product Dimensions 80 x 38 x 12 inches 80 x 39 x 12 inches 75 x 54 x 10.5 inches
Item Weight 60 pounds 69.5 pounds 65 pounds
Size Twin XL Twin XL Full
Manufacturer DynastyMattress LUCID Classic Brands
Our Rating 9.1 8.8 8.6

Tips to select the best mattress suitable for adjustable beds

  • Choose mattress depth lesser than 12”. Latex & memory foam of 8” are to offer proper support for lighter individuals and back sleepers. 10” to 14” beds are suggested for heavier and side sleepers.
  • The bed needs to be spring free. The latex mattress is to be all latex, while memory foam ones are to have a poly foam core.
  • Most adjustable beds are non-returnable. The mattress is to have an exchange or return period.

To get the best deal, log onto the reputed portals like Amazon and enjoy your purchase.

Top 10 Best Adjustable Mattress Reviews

1. Classic Brands Adjustable Comfort Full Adjustable Bed Base

best adjustable mattress

If you are looking forward to purchasing an adjustable mattress, then this is the perfect product to invest in. Coming from the house of Classic Brands, it is affordable and of good quality.


  1. It is available in full, twin XL, queen, king and split king sizes.
  2. It comes with programmable elevation positions, foot & head massage, wireless remote and USB ports.
  3. It has Whisper quiet base combined with separate ergonomic foot and head elevations, including programmable settings for TV/PC, lounge, and 0 gravity positions.
  4. It has three-speed separate dual foot and head massage to help unwind, relax as well as to soothe the body.
  5. It comes with mattress retention rail and ensures that the mattress is in place.


  • There are provided adjustable legs with three height options, namely, 4, 6.5 or even combined for 10.5”.
  • This product weighs approx. 124 pounds.
  • Its dimension is around 75” x 54” x 14.8”

Due to its superior construction, great quality, and optimum comfort, this product is being enjoyed by its users, who have been providing favorable reviews and recommending others to buy it for their home. With this mattress, you can enjoy better health benefits and lifestyle.

2. LUCID L300 Adjustable Bed Base with 10 Inch Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress – Twin XL 

best adjustable mattress

This 12” memory foam hybrid mattress from Lucid is a popular brand that you are sure to love using it on a daily basis. It is regarded to be a comfort grade using revolutionary hybrid technology.


  1. It is available in Twin XL, Queen, king and split king size.
  2. It comes with a folding hinge that makes it easier affordable to carry around.
  3. It can be assembled effortlessly within 5 minutes right from box to the full bed. There is not required for any expertise to assemble the same.
  4. There are provided dual USB charging stations at both the sides of the bed base.
  5. The memory foam is infused with aloe-vera and charcoal to eliminate moisture, odors and to cradle the body to sleep.
  6. The mattress is wrapped individually and the superior quality steel coils do offer gentle and soft comfort with the balanced support layer.


  • This mattress can be found in 10”, 12”; 10” & 12” mattress & adjustable base set.
  • The base has an independent head incline of 0 to 60 degrees and foot incline of 0 to 45 degrees.
  • It has a weight capacity of 750 pounds and comes with a 10-year warranty.

The base of individually wrapped steel coils do isolate movement and offers excellent edge support.

3. Classic Brands Cool Gel Memory Foam 12-Inch Mattress with Adjustable Comfort Adjustable Base, Queen

best adjustable mattressIf you are looking for a cool mattress for your adjustable bed, then this product from Classic Brands is undoubtedly the perfect choice. It is indeed a low-cost option when compared to the expensive ergonomic bases to provide ultimate sleep system.


  1. This product is available in various sizes like a queen, twin XL, king and full sizes.
  2. There are various styles to be selected like mattress only, mattress & frame set, mattress & low profile foundation set, mattress & adjustable base set.
  3. It has 3-speed separate foot and head massage.


  • This memory foam is of 2.5” and is provided for temperature regulation.
  • Also is provided poly gel foam of 3” for breathability. It is layered over high-density base foam of 6.5” for providing optimum support and comfort.
  • Its dimensions are 79.5” x 59.5” x 15”
  • The manufacturer offers five-star customer services.

Using this mattress is sure to transform your bedroom into one of the most important and used rooms. You can also derive enhanced lifestyle benefits. This is possible with the combination of Classic Brands 12” cool gel memory foam type with the adjustable comfort adjustable base.

4. LUCID L300 Adjustable Bed Base with 12 Inch Latex Hybrid Mattress – Queen

best adjustable mattress

This is a wonderful product that is sure to offer you with value worth your precious investment. You can order one for your home without any hassle or worry and enjoy using it for a very long time.


  1. It is available in various sizes like a split king, king, queen and twin XL.
  2. This product can be assembled within 5 minutes and does not require any expertise.
  3. There are present dual USB charging stations on both of the bed base sides.
  4. The plush memory foam layer gets topped with original latex to offer perfect combination of spring and sink.


  • This product is found in different styles like the 12” mattress & adjustable base set, 10” mattress & adjustable base set and adjustable base only.
  • Superior quality steel coils of 5.5” are wrapped individually to conform to the user’s body and to isolate movement.
  • It is backed by ten-year manufacturer warranty on all defects.
  • Its dimension is 60” x 80”

Using this product is easy. You just need to assemble it and use the mattress immediately. This is indeed a great purchase and can change your life for the better. You can get good sleep, great comfort and also watch TV without feeling pain in the neck or back.

5. DynastyMattress New Cool Breeze 12-Inch HD GEL Memory Foam Mattress for Adjustable Beds (Full XL)

best adjustable mattressThis product as claimed by the manufacturer is durable and you can enjoy using it and derive optimum comfort. It will not sink or overheat and enable you to be cool when sleeping on it even during peak hot seasons.


  1. It is available in Twin, Twin XL, Full XL, Queen, King and Split King Sizes.
  2. It is designed exclusively for the adjustable base.
  3. It uses superior quality and durable four layer construction.
  4. It comes with luxury white covers combined with brown suede on the corners, zipper, fire barrier and washable cover.


  • It is constructed using comfort HD CoolBreeze Gel memory foam of 3”.
  • There is provided dual 2-inch Cool airflow foam and 5” high-density foam to provide ultimate support base.
  • The manufacturers offer the clients with 12 day trial period!
  • The warranty period offered on this product is for 30 years (limited).
  • This item weighs around 80 pounds.
  • Its dimension is 80” x 54” x 12”

You are sure to fall with this product that is not only comfortable and cool for your body and mind, but also comes with a loveable design.

6. DynastyMattress S-Cape Adjustable Beds Set Sleep System Leggett & Platt, With Luxury 12-Inch Memory Foam Mattress-FREE in Home Delivery with Setup- (QUEEN)

best mattress for adjustable beds This product is launched by Dynasty Mattress and Leggett & Platt. This luxury mattress is sure to offer you with maximum comfort and is of queen size.


  1. It is available in numerous attractive sizes like a queen, queen without setup, split king with setup and split king.
  2. The new 2015 Scape performance helps to feel like Tempur Pedic and is a fabulous mattress for the adjustable bed.
  3. There is offered dual massage having an on-off button and 2 programmable position buttons.
  4. There is fitted high performance, ultra quiet motor and flat button.
  5. Also is offered free in-home delivery & setup, but limited to just adjustable base only.


  • The foot and head articulation is 700 lbs.
  • The max lifting capacity of this product is 4 legs with casters.
  • It comes with 25-year manufacturer warranty.
  • Its dimension is 80” x 25” x 60”.
  • It weighs approximately 270 pounds.
  • It does include 12” luxury memory foam mattress; 7” high resilience polyurethane base foam, 5” Visco elastic memory foam.

This product is known to offer enhanced airflow system that feels like Tempur-Pedic. With this mattress, you are sure to enjoy your sleep.

7. iDealBed 4i Custom Adjustable Bed Base, Wireless, Massage, Nightlight, Zero Gravity, Anti Snore, USB, Memory Pre Sets, Split King

best mattress for adjustable beds This is a custom adjustable bed base from the reputed manufacturer iDealBed. This is a customizable, king-sized mattress.


  1. It is available in various sizes like twin X-large, full, queen, split queen, king, and California King, Split California king and split king sizes.
  2. It provides full body massage having three levels of intensity, four modes including pulse, wave and constant with 10-30 minute timer option.


  • It combines with full articulation to allow adjustment of the head to about 70” and foot by about 42”
  • There is offered full-featured wireless, ergonomic backlit remote having 18 buttons, three pre-set positions which includes 0 gravity, flat button, and anti-snore.
  • The ultra quite Platt and Leggett power motors have 850 pounds.
  • It comes with 3-in-1 option leg design which includes 4”, 7” & 11” respectively that is compatible with all mattresses.
  • It is also USB chargeable.
  • This item weighs approx. 200 pounds.
  • Its dimension is 80” x 76” 14”

This product is assured by its manufacturers to offer maximum comfort and great sleep. Overall, this is the best product to be purchased for the home and to become a proud owner.

8. Classic Brands Cool Gel Ventilated Gel Memory Foam 10.5-Inch Mattress with Adjustable Comfort Adjustable Base, Full

best mattress for adjustable beds

This product has been enjoying favorable reviews from existing users due to its great build, using superior quality materials and affordable price range.


  1. It is available in different sizes like full, king, queen and twin XL types.
  2. It is present in styles like mattress & adjustable base set, mattress, mattress & low foundation set, mattress & platform bed frame set.
  3. It comes with custom programmable positions.


  • The gel memory foam mattress is luxuriously ventilated and has 10.5” profile. Throughout this memory foam is infused gel particles to help regulate mattress density.
  • The high-density memory foam does conform to the body and helps to reduce pressure points for any sleeping position.
  • There are provided adjustable legs for 3 different height options like 4, 6.5 & combined for 10.5”. It comes with mattress retention rail for keeping the mattress in proper place.
  • There is offered 5 stars, 7 days/week customer service.

Using this mattress is sure to transform your home into something beautiful and be appreciated by everyone. You can enjoy the lifestyle benefits simply by combining the 10.5” ventilated cool gel memory foam mattress with that of the adjustable comfort adjustable base.

9. 12-Inch Twin XL Deluxe Memory Foam Mattress for Adjustable Bed Base

adjustable mattress reviewsThis is a popular brand that is worth the investment. This mattress does prove to be more than useful and is undoubtedly the best bet to help the user to get a good night sleep.


  1. It is made from superior quality CoolBreeze gel memory foam.
  2. It offers pressure relief and is as good like that of memory foam and also sleeps much cooler than latex and memory foam.
  3. It is also offered with zipper cover and is easily washable.
  4. It is CertiPUR-US certified.
  5. It is made from high density 5” viscoelastic gel memory foam.


  • Memory foam & CoolBreeze is of 5”; 2” + 2” AirFlow; 3” high resilient polyurethane base foam support combined with improved airflow system.
  • This product weighs about 60 pounds.
  • Its dimension is 80” x 38 x 12”

This mattress is not extremely soft or hard. But it comes with universal comfort, which is quite fine-tuned to provide even distribution of comfort throughout the body weight. This mattress is assured to perform and feel good or the manufacturer claims to return the amount back to the buyer. It does offer the very best firmness retention.

10. HOFISH One-Step Assembly Customizable Positions Twin XL Solid Wood Slat Adjustable Bed Base with Backlit Wireless Remote&USB Ports Twin XL

adjustable mattress reviews

With GOFISH motorized adjustable beds, you are sure to enjoy comfortable and relaxed sleeping experience. It uses German Technology in its manufacturing processes and makes sure that you derive good night sleep and wake up completely refreshed.


  1. It is available in queen and twin XL sizes.
  2. It requires just single step assembly without requiring the use of any tool. It can be assembled within 3 minutes.
  3. There are presently two USB ports on both the sides of the adjustable beds, with four in total.
  4. There is also provided wireless backlit remote control, nine programs in total along with two customizable programs.
  5. It also offers users with noise-free experience while articulating HOFISH motorized adjustable beds.
  6. It does offer seamless, smooth transition to different positions.
  7. Anti-Crushing Motor Technology is used making it safer for use.


  • It has been fitted with a super powerful motor having lifting capacity of about 750 lbs., with weight being distributed evenly.
  • It weighs just 95 pounds.
  • Its dimension is 79.5” x 38.5” x 13.9”
  • It requires 3 AAA batteries for smooth operation.

Being completely safe to be used and good for the body, it is also used in the leading hospitals to help patients to relax comfortably. It also is offered with unique design and there is used superior quality materials in its construction.


Overall, to derive optimal comfort and to make the most out of the adjustable beds, the industry experts recommend using memory foam mattress from the top brand. Comparing the leading brands from the well known and popular shopping portals like Amazon can help you to a wise decision.

You need to first evaluate your specific requirements and budget. You should not buy the very first type of product that you come across. Rather, you should compare the different brand and types of products and match it with your requirements and budget. Going through the details and reviews put up by present users can actually help you to narrow down the selection process and should buy the very best one, suited to your specific needs.

You should always invest your hard earned money in those products that come with generous return period and offers good value. Besides the material used to construct the product should not contain toxic VOCs or any flame retardant chemicals. Also, the mattress needs to be cool enough to avoid the peak summer heat and discomfort.

These mattresses being affordable and of high quality are indeed growing in popularity and do offer the users with great comfort. They can fit perfectly the modern bedrooms.

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